Illustrator & Artist Carlos Araujo

I recently discovered illustrator Carlos Araujo and am in love with his whimsical work as well as his use of color and silhouette. Carlos creates illustrations for albums, adverts, posters, and books, to name a few. Visit his website if you have a few minutes: it’s like being transported inside a children’s book.

(Note: If you like the use of silhouettes, you’ll love Jan Pienkowski’s artwork in The Thousand Nights and One Night by David Walser and the entire body of work of Lotte Reiniger. Her medium was papercutting, both for animated films and book illustration. (Have a look at her short animated films, too. Her work was heavily referenced for the animated sequence The Tale of the Three Brothers in The Harry Potter film, The Dealthy Hallows Part 1. Both artists have created gorgeous images, lush with detail and heavy with dramatic effect.)